We are a certified distributor of aviation spares focusing on;
- Aircraft Parts
- The People who need them

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff ensures that you have the best in service and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to carrying the most comprehensive inventory of aviation spares in the world, for owners, governments and operators of commercial and corporate aviation.

Good price, good quality and great service – it is tough to get all three! And this is what we, at 2Lyons Aerospace are striving to master with every transaction. 

To insure our customers receive the highest quality rotables possible, 2Lyons Aerospace utilizes only FAA certified repair stations that meet our most stringent quality standards and ISO/ASA certification requirements. From blowers to actuators and everything in between you can count on 2Lyons Aerospace!  

You won’t find a better source for the parts you need to keep your aircraft flying.